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About Us

Our story is short, we are new, fresh and delicious!

The Tokie has come about through a life time passion for all things baked.  Our experience and a love of quality ingredients, ground out by trials and tribulations, bought about the arrival of the magical tasting Tokie.  These stunning fudge brownie sandwiches are the concoction of Maria, a pastry chef, cook and Mum of 3 who wanted to challenge herself to provide New Zealand with a delicious gluten free treat.

We are mad about these delicious handfuls, we need to share them.

We made it our business.

Our Product

BIK TIK TOK tokies do not contain any sources of gluten and are baked with gluten-free flour. However, while we carefully source ingredients and wash equipment thoroughly, our kitchen is sometimes used to bake goods containing gluten. As a result, we choose not to offer a 100% gluten-free guarantee out of respect for those with coeliac disease.

Download our nutritional information.